“I cannot share this enough. Kayla [my daughter] has been working with Dr. Rich McAlister for almost two months now for concussion therapy, and the progress was noticeable almost immediately. After suffering two serious concussions, and realizing the side effects were becoming more prolific, Dr. McAlister’s neurofeedback therapy has helped Kayla move forward, and diminished those effects. If you, or someone you know or love, has suffered the effects of a concussion, I urge you to speak with Dr. Rich for a consult. If you, or someone you know is a coach, I would urge you to contact Dr. McAlister to come and speak with your team’s parents to educate them on what to look for if they think their child has suffered from a concussion, and what their options are…from a mother who watched her daughter suffer unnecessarily, and thought we had done all we could, I can tell you Dr. McAlister has given us the best option with the very best results.”

Maureen S

“After trying traditional (ADD/ADHD) medication with little success and many undesirable side effects, I decided to try neurofeedback therapy. With Dr. McAlister’s help I have seen a tremendous improvement in my attentiveness and mood. I now find it much easier to deal with and work through my problems than I ever thought was possible. The sessions were easy and Dr. McAlister was very accommodating to my needs. I would recommend this to anyone who does not want to deal with the side effects of medication.”

Jesse I

“This has been huge for me! For at least the past 5 years I had to take prescription sleep medication because of severe insomnia. Although I couldn’t sleep without it I would always wake up feeling groggy like a hangover. I didn’t want to keep taking Lunesta anymore because of the problems it can cause. It wasn’t more than a week or so after starting treatment with you that I was able to sleep without Lunesta for the first time in years! I now get a good night’s sleep and get up in the morning without that awful groggy feeling. This has been great, thank you so much.”

Jill A

“For as long as I can remember I was angry and depressed. After treating with Dr. McAlister I can now honestly say I am going great! Life’s little ups and downs no longer upset my whole world. I can handle whatever life throws at me now without going off the deep end. The funny thing is I used to have many verbal outbursts and lots of anger but now I am the one who is able to handle stresses at work and home.” “People have said to me that I seem different (in a good way). I am now much more relaxed and not constantly uptight. My mind is clearer, I’m better able to concentrate, and my memory has also improved. This is one of the best things I ever did for myself. Thank you so much Dr. M!”

Sue K

“Wow, I can’t believe that in 2 short months what an improvement I have seen in my son! His confidence level is definitely higher and his motor skills have improved. He is actually running and taking full strides. Homework is less stressful and he is able to turn a bad mood around without it taking over the entire day. My husband is amazed at the changes he’s seen too. He noticed how our son doesn’t have those “melt downs” like he used to when things don’t go as planned. We can’t thank you enough!”

Ellen P