“In my opinion, if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy [as neurofeedback does] it would be universally accepted and widely used.”
Frank H. Duffy, MD; Pediatric Neurologist and Harvard Medical School Professor.

Conditions Helped

  • "Although not affiliated with our office, neurotherapist Martin Brick’s explanation of neurofeedback is so well said we just had to share it. Please watch his short video."

    • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
      • Once simply called Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD, this condition has been renamed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder even when hyperactivity is not a component of the patient’s behavior. This has caused some confusion for the public.

    • Adult ADHD
      • Adult ADHD is becoming recognized with greater frequency. Those who have been struggling with symptoms of undiagnosed ADHD throughout their life are often relieved to have discovered the reason for their difficulties. The symptoms can be a source of marital discord, difficulties at work and with social life. The symptoms in an adult are often different from that seen in children. Examples include: disorganization, chronic lateness and procrastination, angry outbursts, missing deadlines and important events, reckless driving, frequent traffic accidents, poor listening skills, restlessness and trouble relaxing, sleep disorders.

    • Benefits of training
      • Benefits Of Our Brain-Body Approach To Health:

        Increase Focus, Attention, and Memory

        Reduce or Eliminate Need For Medication

        Reduce or Eliminate Chronic Migraines & Other Headaches

        Reduce or Eliminate Worry, Anxiety

        Reduce Feelings of Stress

        Improve Sleep

    • Other Conditions
      • Asperger’s


        Age-Related Cognitive Decline

        Chronic Stress, and more.

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    • Our Approach to ADHD
      • At Integrative NeuroTherapy, LLC ADHD is addressed using Neurofeedback and Functional Neurology methods that help identify disordered neural pathways, connections, and activity in the brain and throughout the body.This is accomplished using several analytical procedures including QEEG/brain mapping, evaluating certain types of eye movements, testing body coordination and movements, evaluating spinal and other reflexes, computerized testing of attention and impulsivity, biochemical analysis and more.

    • Post-Concussion Syndrome
      • Coming Soon

    • Migraine & Tension Headaches
      • Coming Soon

    • Insomnia
      • Coming Soon

    Meet The Doctor

    Dr. Richard J. McAlister


    "Our goal is to provide the very best evidence-based natural, alternative, and complementary approaches to enhance and restore Brain-Body Wellness, helping you to become the best that you can be!"

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    • “I cannot share this enough. Kayla [my daughter] has been working with Dr. Rich McAlister for almost two months now for concussion therapy, and the progress was noticeable almost immediately. After suffering two serious concussions, and realizing the side effects  Read More

      Maureen S
    • “After trying traditional (ADD/ADHD) medication with little success and many undesirable side effects, I decided to try neurofeedback therapy. With Dr. McAlister’s help I have seen a tremendous improvement in my attentiveness and mood. I now find it  Read More

      Jesse I
    • “This has been huge for me! For at least the past 5 years I had to take prescription sleep medication because of severe insomnia. Although I couldn’t sleep without it I would always wake up feeling groggy like  Read More

      Jill A
    • “For as long as I can remember I was angry and depressed. After treating with Dr. McAlister I can now honestly say I am going great! Life’s little ups and downs no longer upset my whole world.   Read More

      Sue K
    • “Wow, I can’t believe that in 2 short months what an improvement I have seen in my son! His confidence level is definitely higher and his motor skills have improved. He is actually running and taking full strides.  Read More

      Ellen P